Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Quantitative Qualitative Dispute

This week I've been mulling over personal feelings over using qualitative and quantitative research. I have realized through taking my qualitative research course this semester that my liberal arts undergraduate program (with emphasis in the humanities) trained me for qualitative research. Ever since graduated from the college, I've had a qualitative sense of finding "answers," especially in intercultural communication contexts.

However, when I look through the literature in ESL education, I am more satisfied when uncovering research that primarily use quantitative methods. This has revealed to me that I have a bias for selecting quantitative research but for using qualitative methods. I hope that I can mitigate these biases. I would like to value literature using primarily qualitative methods as highly as literature using quantitative methods. Even more so, I would like to become more comfortable using quantitative approaches to research although it appears that my research questions are better suited for qualitative research.

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