Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why Blog This?

While reading through my assigned textbooks for qualitative research, I found that not many researchers publish the process of a dissertation. I thought it would be good practice to write about the road to my dissertation for four reasons:
  1. It may help develop my writing skills,
  2. This information may be helpful for future PhD students, especially in ESL Education,
  3. This blog, if completed, may be helpful for researchers on the process of developing a dissertation.
  4. It can help me remember all the thoughts that run through my head pertaining to my research. As a PhD student, I sometimes will come upon a good idea but then lose it because of a task pertaining to my assistantships or coursework. I will try to control myself from deleting the bad ideas. Perhaps later, someone could do a quantitative analysis on my good ideas and bad ideas.

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