Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm now at the end of my second year of coursework, and one of my final projects is directly related to my dissertation. For that project, I will review the most relevant literature to my research questions, which have been narrowed down to a handful. Most of those research questions address the topic of acculturation, something that has been touched upon lightly in the course for the project but nowhere else in my courses. Acculturation seems to me to be most relevant in social psychology or cultural anthropology, but I haven't come across any course titles or summaries that address acculturation.

Defining this term and exploring this concept is vital for me to carry out my research. Since I am using a qualitative approach, I would like my participants to address their acculturation to the new (foreign) teaching environment directly and indirectly. I would like to develop data collection strategies to divulge their process of acculturation or lack of acculturation.

Since, at this time, I do not foresee a course that will address acculturation, I will request an independent study on acculturation in the context of overseas employment and education. For the time being, I have found a couple of textbooks about acculturation. I plan to read them among other studies I have found over this semester. Once this reading is accomplished, I hope to have developed strategies for data collection in addition to strengthening an argument for my research.

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